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Hydraulic/electric blade pitch systems




Lund & Sorensen A/S has developed a special heating solution that deals with problems often encountered when wind turbines fitted with hydraulic blade pitch systems are installed in very cold areas.

Hydraulic blade pitch systems feature bubble accumulators, and these have a tendency to break after being in operation for a certain period of time, particularly in cold conditions.

This is because the rubber bubble inside is exposed to abrasion on the inner surface of the accumulator.


Lund & Sorensen heating elements can be fastened around each bubble accumulator, where a built-in sensor ensures that temperatures remain stable irrespective of weather conditions.

We also supply specially designed electric heating elements for wind turbines with electric blade pitch systems installed in areas where cold weather conditions can occur. Here it is very important to maintain a stable temperature in the battery compartments, since fluctuating temperatures can cause battery damage. This is because lower temperatures require a higher charging voltage. The overall efficiency of the battery is also reduced in cold weather.

Lund & Sorensen also provides corresponding heating solutions for blade pitch systems that are electrically controlled.



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