Product line



L&S designs exactly the electric heating elements
you need for your specific application


Here are some succesful solutions developed and delivered by L&S:


  • Heating batteries
    for electric pitch control  
  • Heating of batteries in light source  
  • Load resistors
  • Heating hydraulic oil tanks
  • Heating bubble accumulators
    for hydraulic pitch control
  • Heating gear oil
  • Heating elements for generators
  • Heating cables and temperature
    sensors for electrically heated moulds
  • Curing epoxy and re-lamination
    on wind turbine blades  
  • Customised heating blankets
    for wind turbine blades
  • Heating of control panels
  • Heating of sliprings
  • Heating of lubrication system  
  • Heating of wind turbine blade moulds
  • Temperature measurement in
    wind turbine blade moulds
  • Heating of water used in wind
    turbine blade moulds
  • Heating elements for wind
    measurement equipment
  • Heating elements for converter coolers  
  • Nacelle Heaters
  • Pipe Heating
  • Temperature sensors for different
    applications inside a wind turbine
    - Hydraulic
    - Controlpanel
    - Generator
    - Gearbox

Other Applications

  • Level measurement
  • Linear transducers
  • Pressure transmitter

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