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immersion heaters

Ceramic heating elements are mostly used for heating water, oil products, ovens and machines. These can be built into tanks and other containers, where the heating element is placed in an immersion stem that is either welded onto the surface or attached by screws. This makes it possible to replace the heating element without having to empty the tank or container.

It is also possible to design heater cartridges for use when screwed into tank systems in which the medium is either water or oil.
Lund & Sorensen has many years of experience in the design and construction of special heater cartridges with built-in fuses, thermostats and differentiated output. This means we are well qualified to provide you with the ideal solution.


Heating of: Gearoil, Hydraulic Oli, Glycol and Water

Built in with Nippels or Flanges

Replacable Heating Element

Horizontally Mounting

Different Steel Qualities

Different Power and Voltage

Different insert length

Custom designed solutions



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