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transducers IK1-D




Magnetostrictive technology
The new generation of potentiometric transducer is the magnetostrictive displacement transmitter, in which there is no contact between the transducer and the mobile cursor.

The measurement element, a copper wire passing through a special alloy tube, measures the interaction between mechanical waves and electromagnetic fields.
A current pulse is transmitted along the tube from the sensor head< interaction between the current pulse and the magnetic field generated by the displacement magnet creates torsion that is transmitted along the wave/guide rod in the form of a mechanical wave. By measuring the time between transmission of the first signal and detection of torsion on the rod, you can calculate the exact position of the magnet.


Specifically designed for insertion in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders thanks to small size of rod and magnet.

Analog or digital interface for direct link to PLC or other standard electronics. Standard flange for quick and simple installation.




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