Product line

combined pressure transmitter
and Pt100 temperature sensor




Pressure transmitter type 3610 is a pressure transmitter for measuring the oil level in wind turbine gear-boxes.
Pressure transmitter type 3610 is a loop powered, comfigurable pressure transmitter measuring gauge pressure by means of a ceramic, capacitive sensor element securing excellent accuracy and very low temperature drift.
Pressure transmitter type 3610 is pre-configured to a specific measuring range but can be re-configured to any range between 0 mbar and 100 mbar by means of the dedicated Programmer configuration tool.

On-site zero-point adjustment can be executed by a push buttom.
The Pressure transmitter type 3610 supplies a 4...20 mA and alarm output. A separate “Low level” relay function can be set via the Programmer.

If the Pressure transmitter type 3610 is mounted at the “TwoSens 26xx Adapter” oil-level as well as oil-temperature is measured through one single G1/2 access in the gear box.



• Temperature and pressure measurement

• Integrated Pt100 sensor

• Acid-proof stainless steel

• 16 bar process pressure

• Cooling neck (Option)



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